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Ruben Rosas


Ruben Rosas is the artist behind all things AComicWorld Art. He is a talented free-lance artist who is inspired by pop culture and his desire to portray it the way he envisions it. He has been doing art as far back as he can remember, from his 30+ odd years of life. Graduating in 2003 from the Art Institute of Phoenix with a B.A. in Media Arts and illustration, he has been doing free-lance work for over 12 years.  Over the past 2 years he has been a regular at Phoenix Comic Con and Tucson Comic Con to only name a few. Check out the events tab for upcoming comic conventions and art festival appearences you can find him at as he branches out in the SW corner of the U.S. 

Check Out Some of Our Favorite Photos from Our Recent Comic-Con and Art Show Events!
​Find Ruben most Thursday nights
@​ VillageFest the weekly street fair in Palm Springs!

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