Who We Are

Ruben Rosas
Artist and CEO


Ruben Rosas is the artist, talent, and biggest comic nerd/geek behind all things AcomicWorld. Why do we use the name AcomicWorld and  AcomicWorld Art to define our business? Ask Ruben, next time you see him! On a high level, it came about as Ruben has been using this term since he was a teenager to define himself online. But why not? "AcomicWorld" tends to infer the style of art that Ruben enjoys producing the most. ​He truly enjoys all things comic or pop-culture related. And when you are drawing what you love, it never truly feels like work! Ruben has been drawing his whole life. He has a B.S from the Art Institute in Media Arts and Illustration. He has been doing freelance art for over 10 years and has been putting his art out there by attending local comic conventions since November 2013. His first convention being behind the artist alley table was at Tucson Comic Con. Since 2013 he has also attended multiple conventions the most noteable: Phoenix Comic Con, Salt Lake City Comic Con, Wondercon, Long Beach Comic Con, Comic & Media Expo, and the upcoming Stan Lee's LA Comicon (previously Comikaze). Ruben currently resides in Sunny San Diego California (Mira Mesa/Scripps Ranch area). He was born in southern Mexico, raised in Coachella, Ca and resided in hotter than hell Phoenix Arizona from 2000-2015.


Although Ruben tends to prefer comic and pop-culture art, he also admires some of the greats such as Frank Frazetta and Leonardo DaVinci. And he studies the greats he admires in an effort to always strive to improve his artistic talents and capabilities.  Ruben does possess an inate talent to be able to draw in many styles and mediums to facilitate different needs. Feel free to contact him for any type of commission requests. Contact him at AcomicWorldArt@gmail.com or message him on Facebook.com/AcomicWorldArt.

Simeon Jessica Rosas
Sr. VP Marketing & Sales, CFO


Simeon is the red headed wife and business partner of Ruben Rosas. She has been his biggest fan since they met in 2001 when Ruben moved to Arizona to attend the Art Institute of Phoenix. She handles all things non art production at AcomicWorld Art. She runs the over-all administrative aspects of the business, marketing, heads social media (with Rubens help), schedules events such as comic conventions and art festivals, and helps promote Ruben's artistic brand of AcomicWorld Art at all his shows and events.


 Simeon holds a B.S. in Global Business & Financial Management from ASU, and is 90% done with her MBA with a CPA/Accounting concentration from Keller Graduate School of Management. Her geekdom is all things business, finance, accounting, and she enjoys reading and researching federal rules and regulations. She loves her job at AcomicWorld Art; it reminds her of how she used to sell her art as a 7-9 year old child in her front yard in Woodstock New York. What she does for AcomicWorld Art is what she loved doing as a child. When you meet her at a show or event you will see what a natural fit this role is for her. Her enthusiasim is 100% legit.